Paroles Bloody Autopsy Table de Cenotaph

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  • Artiste: Cenotaph5226
  • Chanson: Bloody Autopsy Table
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Textes et Paroles de Bloody Autopsy Table

Unhuman, awful gore stench
Surgery on the bloody autopsy table
Bloodspilled, shredded female body
Zombified inhuman forms cutting
Into small pieces unrecognizeable virgin body
Disordered without mercy
Burned hands sawed fingers boundaged with the intestines
Half of the torso still lying cold, breathting insisting
Brain juices flowing through the sliced head
Vaginal part damaged and genital liquids filled into glasses
Blood is dripping
Stabbed bleeding wounds sewed again with oxidized surgery tools
Surgical operation comes to end
Blood is dripping from the surgery lights
Stabbed and bleeding, bleeding and burning wounds
Brutally raped inside, zombifying in me
Decomposed female body nailed on the autopsys room
Suffering, molested, tormented, ripped in half

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