Paroles Shroud Of Mysticism de Cephalectomy

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  • Artiste: Cephalectomy5282
  • Chanson: Shroud Of Mysticism
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Textes et Paroles de Shroud Of Mysticism

I call to the Gods Divine
Beckon from the ancient realms
Fathered by the sacred elders
Abandoned to Ungodly plain

Taught and raised by mortal hand
I've come to learn the ways
Have i spawned from the heavens
Or the gates of Hell

I've journeyed to the end of time
I've journeyed to the end of light

Before me now i see
The gateway to the Gods
Come to me my fathers
And see your bastard son

Cold and Darkness surround me
From within comes a light
A figure emerges
My father surrounded by night

Conceived in darkness
Transflamed by fathers
Son from the sun
Pazuzu's sacred one
The blood of demons
Courses through my veins
A power strong and true

From within the mystic shroud
Uprises the unholy liege
Traverse the unholy plain
Unforgiven by holy Yahweh
Godless and surreal
Undefine the scared vacinity
Subdue the human race
The light will fall and recede

Lechery i howl
Anoint me
Devilry i howl
Appoint me
Lechery i howl
Confine me

Time, has become
What i see
I become Spirit of the sun
Call to thee
Incant me
Race of men
Call to thee

Spirit of the burning disk
Spirit of eternal night
Spirit of the rendering of the veils
Burning in the fire of night

Let darkness fall
Spirit hearken forth
Race of Men
Barra Homme!

Spirit of the burning disk
Spirit of eternal night
Spirit of the rendering of the veils
Burning in the fire of night

Look upon the queen of graves
Armed with the rays of flame
Shammash uncalled Kia hearth
The dark waters stir and decease
In the darkness unseen monsters
Spirit of the fire remember
Shammash, lord of the fiery disk
Race of man, Banna by Uggae

Hear me sacred father
I've done your unholy deed
Destroyed the realm of Kia
Now i claim my divine position
I assail you father, torn to shred
Place your head upon my throne
I now command the unholy liege
Claiming the thrown to infinity

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