Paroles Spaces between the Realms of Existence de Cephalectomy

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  • Artiste: Cephalectomy5282
  • Chanson: Spaces between the Realms of Existence
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Textes et Paroles de Spaces between the Realms of Existence

[- The ones lost of Time - 2:67]

By the name which i was given on the Sphere of Marduk, master of magicians.
Watcher of the worlds! In the name of the covenant..
Last city of the skies! Open wide your gates..
Lord of all sorcery! I stand in your shadow..
Possess me with your names! To possess my spirit..
That i may be strong and true
Vanquisher of evil spells
Dark Angels.. Dead and dreaming
When shall.. Their generation come again
I am.. One of those lost ones
From a.. Time before the forging of gods
Cold rain.. Erodes my kingdom
Beloved Sons.. Render the ancient fires
Loud roaring.. A bitter venom
They are.. Gibbering loathsomely below

[- Generations of Frost - 13:09]

I whom awaken him hath called fourth.. An ancient, burning pain
From a night as pitch as black and death.. Upon me, Upon himself
Of the generations of past burning fires.. Seven are they, They are seven
Amid the desolate places of earth they rise once more.. Like a flood, they
ravage. I hath passed a torch of cataclysmic destruction upon this realm
yet unknowned to me. And on the mountain of dawn they creep yet amid
the desolate places of earth they crawl
The highest walls
The thickest walls
The strongest walls
They lie in wait
They wait for man
Not in that heaven
Nor on this earth
Men are arrayed in terror
All are screaming in pain
Crouching for the sacrifice
Falling like rain from the sky

[- Serpents of the Skies - 2:41]

They glide in the doors of all like slithering serpents
They enter through windows like the ever gusting wind
The haunts of all man where a sacrifice shall be offered
Upon the altar before the temple of the dead and dreaming
Of the last city of the skies i journey forward in cure
From places in the sky where no traveler hath returned
Upon the names of monsters made by those kings of all evil
I step fourth to the gates in spaces between realms of life
Upon the foundations of chaos
I hearken their habitations
Spirits of the skies hear me
Save us the cities of men
Watcher of the worlds! In the name of the covenant..
Last city of the skies! Opened wide the gates..
Lord of all sorcery! I stand in your shadow..
Possess me with your names! To save the realm of men..
Forgotten Generations of Man..

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