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Chanté Moore
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  • Chanson: Blooming flower
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Textes et Paroles de Blooming flower

I've gone there with you now I've got to U-turn but,
I don want to because I want you carefully
get a hold of yourself girl and gather all you gave
it's impossible, irreversible
time spent with you is gone but with you
our time lives on

blooming flower cut before its time
never to be free to live in the sun
never to be free to live in the sun

I want the sun to shine on me
I want the sun to shine on our love
let me feel the warmth of it nourishing our feelin.
in the heat we reflect the light
shining colors of a love that's ours
has our time come too late or is it too soon?
bloom flower bloom!

and in your eyes I see the places I long to be
I can see and feel you lovin me
but I cant go there- "I've got to go"
I'm bound on a course set before we met
what can I do with my feelings for you
shall I hide them deep inside my heart ooh their eyes would not believe
they couldn't see the beauty of you and me

our blooming flower cut before it's time
never to be free to breathe in the sun
never to be free to breathe in the sun

  "This moment is mine [#6]"

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