Paroles Cider I Up Landlord de Chaos UK

Chaos UK
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  • Artiste: Chaos UK13343
  • Chanson: Cider I Up Landlord
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Textes et Paroles de Cider I Up Landlord

likes to go down the pub every other day
On my marry way for a bottle of K
Propping up the bar, sipping down me pint
Won't be very long before we're pissed right up tonight
Pissed right up:
Cider, cider apple tree
Cider, cider I can't see
Now I'm going out of me mind
Now I'm going fucking blind
God knows what's happening to me
Feels like I've been kicked in
Cider, cider apple tree
Cider, cider one for me
Cider I up landlord
Cider I up landlord
Put more cider in my jug
Cider I up landlord
Cider I up landlord
Put more cider in my jug
I just can't get enough
When I'm guzzling my gallon down!
I know a place in England where the cider apple grows
The farmer that lives down there has got a big red nose
He's always drinking cider, as he sits beneath the tree
Come on drink your cider up, it's the one for you and me
The one for you!
On Tuesday morning you find me signing on the dole
With all the dirty stop-outs from Easton up to Knowl
I got the blues:
The cider blues:
On Thursday morning you find him standing by the door
By 3 o'clock he's down the pub, can't even see the floor
Drink cider, drink cider
All of the day
Drink cider, drink cider
It's the only way
Drink cider, drink cider
Spend all your pay
And get bleeding binned out of it!

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