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Chaos UK
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  • Chanson: Happy Spastic
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Textes et Paroles de Happy Spastic

Swallow the energy pill
Just to have a good time
Harmony in the head
Feeling so fine
Nothing really matters
Got nothing to create
When this peace and love drugs
Have killed the fucking hate
As far as I can see
Ecstasy killed the anarchy
Dancing around
Like a happy spastic
You got no morals
Or are they just plastic?
Are you using drugs?
Or are they using you?
You don't really know
Cos you ain't got a clue
Take a look at the filth and the
Starving families stuck in a recession
Talk about your summer of love
I don't need it, no way, go away
Fuck off
Right now
Rave on
Now you're all quiet
Run away from riot
Lost all your fight
A zombie in the night
By the day dehydrated
Feeling sad, so frustrated
Your body's a walking chemistry
Got no chemical energy

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