Paroles Weaponless de Chargebox

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  • Artiste: Chargebox13378
  • Chanson: Weaponless
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Textes et Paroles de Weaponless

(G. Anselmo, 2007 ChargeUp'd Inc.)

Here we go
i've told you many times before
this could be our last daylight
the beginning for the end

So i wonder how much longer
before i start to panic
i've come to fight this monster
to rattle his rabid soul

Raged out, what i want it to be
raged loud, painful screams cried above me
looking down, from above
this monster made me weaponless!

Monster, Hero
this monster hates us all
monster, hero
the hero shouts to live
monster, hero
the monster wants to kill now
monster, hero
the hero smashes through the world

Breathing fire like it's blood
make no mistakes against yourself
all that i want it to be
he once saved me again

Raged through, what i want it to be
raged now, painful screams cried above me
looking down, from above
this monster made me weaponless!

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