Paroles Times Of Our Lives de Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick
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  • Artiste: Cheap Trick3713
  • Chanson: Times Of Our Lives
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Textes et Paroles de Times Of Our Lives

I can't decide
Where the story begins or it dies
On the way back from your heart to mine
Where time passes by
I can't stop if I tried
Well I can't quit
And you know I can't hide
Why should I change?
I don't know why
The truth is I lied

Times of our lives
Times of our lives

How was it we could be so wrong?
I thought our love was strong
And these were the times of our lives

Times of our lives

How could you say you played it wrong?
You pulled my heart strings
It's so hard to play along

Tell me tonight
Tell me that everything is alright
Tell me that our love will last
All the times of our lives

Times of our lives
Times of our lives

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