Paroles What Does It Take de Chicago

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  • Artiste: Chicago2725
  • Chanson: What Does It Take
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Textes et Paroles de What Does It Take

All I do is think about you
I never did let go of what we were
Can't pretend I'll live without you
As I learn to live alone
Can't pretend I'll live without you
As I learn to live alone
Why can't I be a man about it
I've tried and tried to hide you from my heart
If I could just forget about us
If I knew just where to start
You're still my destiny
What does it take
To win you back
To hold these arms once more
What can I say
To make you understand
You're still all I'm waiting for
At times I feel it's best without you
And times I still believe in you so much
After what I've been through without you
You'd think that I'd move on
But you're still my destiny
What does it take
'Cause we can't go back
Can't be like it was before
What does it take
To win you back
To hold in these arms
What does it take
What will it take now
You're still my destiny

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