Paroles At The Bodega de Chief Chinchilla

Chief Chinchilla
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  • Artiste: Chief Chinchilla47059
  • Chanson: At The Bodega
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Textes et Paroles de At The Bodega

Damn baby~!
You lookin fine as Stacy Dash inside a White Castle on a hot summer day
Can I get you a drink? (Sure why not)
Okay what'chu wanna drink? (Just a forty ounce of St. Ides)
Oh you are so fine, you just my type of girl
Let's go to the bodega real quick, c'mon (okay!)

I'm walkin down Farmers Boulevard
Got me a broad and my dick on hard!
Cause I'm fo' foot three and I'm the pimp of the year
And I'm dyin of thirst, it's time to get me a beer
Fuck Colt 45 and Olde English, stay hooded
Scratch them shits and I don't get blunted (no)
So me and my hoe, step in the sto'
Ay papi! Give me a St. Ides to go
(Lo siento mi negro, solo cervaza es Corona)
Damn! Ay coño, I'd rather drink piss
So I'm a go up the block and get my St. Ides fix

Ay papi I'm a have the Better Bid'ness
Bureau shut yo' ass down for not carryin my drink
This 'posed to be a Bodega, c'mon now!

Hey ladies, do we drink Olde E? (Hell no, fuck that shit!)
Hey ladies, do we drink Billy Dee? (Hell no, fuck that shit!)
Hey ladies, do we drink Crazy Horse? (Hell no, fuck that shit!)
What are we drinkin? (St. Ides)
Tell 'em what are we drinkin? (St. Ides)

{Lo siento mi negro, solo cervaza es Corona}

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