Paroles Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog de Chief Chinchilla

Chief Chinchilla
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  • Chanson: Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog
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Textes et Paroles de Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog

(feat. Dick $Tallion)

[Jingle Bells plays on a piano in the background]

Damn Chief~! This Christmas party's a drag yo
Damn listen to the music

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Pssh, not only that, look at the fuckin liquor they got in here man
They don't have no Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog
How you gon' have a Christmas party with no Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog?

Yo Chief, this is the Hilton Hotel
They ain't gonna have that shit in here

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Man they make it in 40's and sixty-fo's
I don't wanna hear that shit

That's some ghetto shit, but anyway
These people don't know what it is
Let 'em know what it is man
{"Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog"}

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Merry muh'phukkin Christmas, hoe hoe hoe
As I arrive my sleigh 22's through the snow
When I come down the chimney, FUCK milk and cookies
I just want a lil' Egg Nog and a lil'... pussy~!
Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog to be exact
98 proof, it'll put you on yo' back
On the first day of Christmas, my nigga said to me
A bottle of that Bo$$ Hog, E-double-G
Naw! No I'm not white, I ain't fat, I ain't nerd
But if you ask if I'm drunk nigga, "OH SHIT YES! "
Got no gifts, don't need no elves
I just wanna get this Egg Nog and throw this off the shelf
Pull up to the liquor sto' so I get, served
Pull up to the mistletoe so I can, swerve
I can't drive drunk as I dash through the snow
But I'm a ride my sleigh drinkin Egg Nog, to' up

[Dick $tallion:]
Motherfuck a Michelob
Stack yo' chips, keep the Stroh's
Take a sip, and hit your hoe
Bo$$ Hog Malt Liquor!

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Yeah, to all you parents
I wish you'd tell yo' kids there ain't no motherfuckin Santa Claus
No such thing as Christmas
They believe that shit, that's why the kids are fucked up now
You leave an iPod in yo' livin room, under the Christmas tree
I'm a come through the chimney, take it and put it on eBay

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