Paroles The Piss Test de Chief Chinchilla

Chief Chinchilla
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  • Chanson: The Piss Test
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Textes et Paroles de The Piss Test

[Chief Chinchilla:] Yo Zone I'm outta here I gotta go take a piss test
[J-Zone:] Why?
[Chief Chinchilla:] Yo man all the labels fell off of all my beer bottles
[Chief Chinchilla:] I can't tell which one is the St. Ides man
[Chief Chinchilla:] All these other beers taste like PISS

[Chief Chinchilla:]
8 Ball (does it remind you) of piss
Miller (does it remind you) of piss
When I drink Coors it remind me of piss
All of these beers, taste like SHIT~!
Heineken (does it remind you) of piss
Bud Light (does it remind you) of piss
Pabst Blue Ribbon it reminds me of piss
Why y'all fools be drinkin them shits!

The only malt liquor that pass the taste test
I walk with a lean when I down me a brew
And if you touch my Crooked I, I'm a down you too nigga
Fuck you up over a two dollar beer
Find me a girl then pull off her brasierre
She see the St. Ides, I run up in it
Then we off to White Castle for an onion ring dinner
When I'm sick, and I need to recoup
I mix St. Ides with my won-ton soup

Red Stripe (does it remind you) of piss
Colt 45 (does it remind you) of piss
Zima, damn it remins me of piss
All of these beers, taste like SHIT~!

[J-Zone:] Yo Chief, they don't even make Zima no more
[Chief Chinchilla:] Word? ! When did they stop makin Zima?
[J-Zone:] Nigga they stopped makin that shit back in 1994
[Chief Chinchilla:] Well Zima was whack anyway
[Chief Chinchilla:] I don't trust no beer that I can see through

[Chief Chinchilla:]
And the bottom line is when I wake up the next mornin
To take a piss my piss better be yellow that's why I don't fuck with Zima

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