Paroles Aye Wey Wey de Chingo Bling

Chingo Bling
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  • Chanson: Aye Wey Wey
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Textes et Paroles de Aye Wey Wey

(feat. Pitbull, Sincero)

[Chingo Bling:]
Orale, wey
Orale, wey (Doo-doo-doo!)
Orale, way (Ay que, culero)
Asomate, wey
Orale, wey (Es hora para crusar)
Orale, wey (We gon' give a little lesson on vocabulary)
Orale, wey
Orale, wey (We gon' have y'all speaking in here)
Orale, wey (Por favor, believe it)
Orale, wey
No manches, wey
Si o no, wey
Orale, wey (Vas a ir o no, wey)
Orale, wey
Orale, wey

[Chorus: Chingo Bling]
All my Latinos in the club (Ay wey wey)
West coast cholos, elbows up (Ay wey wey)
My down south Mexicans sippin' syrup (Ay wey wey)
Need the word, just hit me on the chur' (Ay wey wey)
We in the club, hollin'
Ay wey wey
Ay wey wey
Ay wey wey
Ay wey wey, shh
Ay wey wey
We in the club, hollin'
Ay wey wey
Ay wey wey
Ay wey wey
Ay wey wey
Ay wey wey
We in the club, hollin'

[Verse 1: Chingo Bling {Chingo Bling slowed down}]
For those that don't know how large Chingo Bling is livin'
I'm the young brown flashy version of Russell Simmons
On that 1800 holes in cuervo [? ] carbon
If you play the right corrido, set it off, at the party
They Can't Deport Us
That's the slogan, say it loud
Shop at the swamp meet
Not the mall, cause that's my style
When the soccer game on
Ay wey wey, let's get some tickets
Get by trap house, like Pollo Loco, it's chicken flippin'
It's crazy, how we talk
Hear signs and a couple whistles
If I really wanna get my point across, I use my pistol
And I don't care what he say
Or she say
We like our music
{Slowed down here, screwed and chopped by the DJ}
You wanna know the price, on the yay, just holla "Ay wey wey"
If the boar passed you, "Hi"
Then you say, "No jales, wey"
Ay wey wey, what it do, que paso, that means what's up
It's in my style, pour a cup
Pop trunk, go post it up (Doo-doo-doo!)


[Pre-Verse: Sincero]
Con nosotros, no te metes, que te dejan, shut up
Tenemos uno loco que te dejan, cut up
Diles el boracho que se calmen, shut up
Me, Pitbull, Chingo Bling get gutter


[Verse 2: Sincero]
Show you how in the south, we get dirty
I can tell you wanna get it shorty
Watch your chicks, she's a little bit flirty
If not, pick her up at about 11:30
Si esta buena, yo la de tu mano
Se lo mente, yo Mexicano
Quiere fumar su cigaro Cubano
Le gusta tequila, le encanta El Gusano

[Hook: Sincero]
I like the way that sounds
I last all twelve rounds
Now, drop it, shake it up, clap it up
Make it bounce, bounce, bounce



[Verse 3: Pitbull]
Ay wey wey
I'm from the M-I, A
Ay, ay
Where our alphabet starts at A
And ends at K
K-K, B-A, D, y
Where they stretch coke like P.E.
Whatever we see
We get
We eat
We eat
This is that
Down by them dirty, where 'em birdies fly
South, in the drought, then them Cubans Bring 'Em Out
See, I love T.I., but I'd have to ask him what he know
About, boat loads
Llenito del coco
Maricons wanna act loco
Pop up
Hit 'em with
Numerous shot
From the Choppers
Just for them boys in the Chevys, wanna top 'em
I'm like a hurricane category six, mayne
No damage, no change, chico's still the shit, mayne

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