Paroles Drop Rap de Chris Brown

Chris Brown
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  • Artiste: Chris Brown3801
  • Chanson: Drop Rap
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Textes et Paroles de Drop Rap

[feat. Petey Pablo]

Fresh about the stow
I'm hotter than a bitch
Black diamond... is holding down my...
Same shit you're praying
Nigger you know my name
And shout it let me

This nigger is so hot
And so does your bro
And when she sees me
It's easy cut the chauffeur
Big ice on my necklace like snowballs
Anyway that I get it I get it
Anyway that I do it I do it
And you know me
Shitting on niggers... in public
I know you're made
And I ain't trying to...
I'm just talking about the shit
That you wish you had
My tattoos complement my attitude
Life... but I'm not an average dude
You're an opener and I'm going after you
... I hope you niggers...

When they see me... drop
Better... when you see me... blow job
... nigger is so tough
... slow down
I ain't never gonna stop
... I'm hot
You're not but it's ok
I ain't shitting no way

Two touches
My... look like...
Blowing up is what I do
I'm a big grenade
These niggers are gonna show me something
A whole... nigger shitting
Bullets dumping
When you see me
Please believe me
That I'm fly as hell
I got a record
But I call it my clientele
Tigers at the wing
Two girls that's a three piece
Now you see why all these singers
Try to be me
What you're talking about
To the haters... up
Back number one
Middle finger is up
Straight to the cup zone
Zone that's where I go
... I'll go
This is not a game nigger
So I ain't got to play
My niggers are back in...
So you don't bother wait
G5 so I ain't got to wait
To more haters...
So I ain't got to hate


... and we don't care how many bottles...
Then we got it locked
... tell me what you want
I can get it for you
His a mother fucker...
I am a real dude


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