Paroles Glow In The Dark de Chris Brown

Chris Brown
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  • Artiste: Chris Brown3801
  • Chanson: Glow In The Dark
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Textes et Paroles de Glow In The Dark

Verse 1:
Been thinkin about this all damn day (oh ah)
And i cant wait to see your face (mmm oh)
My hands are dyin to touch ya(oh ah)
But i aint got the patience to wait
And i think its time that i lose control, lose control
And in my mind, sexual

Girl are you ready?(ready)
Are you ready for love?(ready)
Girl are you ready?(ready)
Are you ready for us?(ready0

Girl are you ready? (ready)
Are you ready for love?(ready)
Girl are you ready? (ready)
To glow in the dark(ready)

Verse 2:
Oh na na na
Its ok to scream
And if you need to
Take a second to breathe (breathing)

There it is
I can feel your legs trembling
Feel the sweat dripping from my chest

And then your like Oh oh oh, baby dont stop
And i'll be like no i wont, ima take you to the top


(Thanks to Brooklyne for these lyrics)

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