Paroles Fatal Hesitation de Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh
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  • Artiste: Chris De Burgh7245
  • Chanson: Fatal Hesitation
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Textes et Paroles de Fatal Hesitation

The cafés are all deserted, the streets are wet again,
There's nothing quite like an out of season holiday town,
In the rain,
When the tourists go and the cold winds blow,
And my girl is on a plane, home...

I'm never going to love another, the way that I have loved you,
It's taken me a little time to discover it,
Now I know it's true, but fatal hesitation,
Made me miss the show,

Oh Romeo is standing in the rain,
And I know that I have let her slip away,
Fatal hesitation, fatal hesitation...

I saw you again this morning, walking down the beach,
And though you are a thousand miles away,
You were only just out of reach, but when I got up close,
And I saw her face, I knew it couldn't be so, no, no;

Oh Romeo is standing in the rain,
And I, yes I know, I have let her slip away,
Fatal hesitation, fatal hesitation,
I'm going to get on my boat and sail away;

Oh Romeo is standing in the rain,
And I, yes I know, I have let her slip away,
Fatal hesitation,
Fatal hesitation,
Fatal hesitation,
Fatal hesitation...

I'm going to read a little Shakespeare,
And get her out of my head,
It doesn't matter any more,
I'm going to miss her just a little bit,
Just a little bit...

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