Paroles I Will de Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh
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  • Chanson: I Will
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Textes et Paroles de I Will

I'm going to an island,
Where the sun will always shine,
Where the moon is always riding on the sea;
And when I go I'll leave behind,
These chains that hold me down,
The time has come to set my spirit free,
Ah ah ... I will

And there beside a mountain stream,
I'll build a house of stone,
And work the wood of cedar, pine and fir,
And then I'll make a garden,
And I'll plant a field of corn,
Press my hands deep into Mother Earth, Ah, ah ... I will,
Yes I will,
Oh I will,
Just to be a part of Nature once again,
I want to be a part of Nature once again,
And I will... And then I'll teach my children love,
Like every father should,
For we are part of every living thing,
And speak of half-forgotten words,
Like peace and joy and good,
For the world can only live when love can sing, Ah, ah ... I will,
Oh, yes I will,
I will,
And they will be a part of Nature once again,
Oh they will feel a part of Nature once again,
The time is now,
Just to be a part of Nature once again, And I will, ah ah, someday I will, (someday I will)

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