Paroles One Life, One Love de Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh
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  • Artiste: Chris De Burgh7245
  • Chanson: One Life, One Love
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Textes et Paroles de One Life, One Love

Long years would be lost and over since the morning train,
And the words that he called out to her,
"I'll be back again!
We will all be home for Christmas boys,
It's what the General said",
But little did they know the winds of war
Would change the world instead;

Oh, in this one life, there is one love,
Through the ages to be with us evermore;

He played his part a hero on the battlefield,
'Til a shell burst right beside,
And brought him to his knees,
As the blood just flowed away,
He turned his face up to the sky,
And a little boy was there beside him saying,
"Daddy, please don't die";

Oh, in this one life, there is one love,
Through the ages to be with us evermore;

No-one knew how he made it through,
And soon was on the way,
With the wounded back to England,
And from the early train, he stepped down,
And in the distance saw his wife and a little boy,
Who came up running to his arms and said,
"My Daddy has come home";

Oh, in this one life, there is one love,
Through the ages to be with us evermore;
In this one life:
Love of a different world;
There is one love.

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