Paroles Just Love Me de Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle
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  • Chanson: Just Love Me
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Textes et Paroles de Just Love Me

Written by Chris Cagle and Monty Powell

I'll never be anybody's hero
Or the legend of a story, or a saint that's bound for glory, no
And I'll never know what it's like to swim in money
Or how it feels not to have to go to work on Monday
I'm a simple man, and that's ok
But even a simple man wants to feel this way

Like the king of his castle, like the leader of the pack
Like a man that if you left him, you'd just have to have him back
Like a rock that you would lean on when your world gets too rough
Like a man that you would stand beside when he's
Not so tough
But even if that's not the man you see
Then just love me
Just love me

I'll never write a song that lasts forever
Or a book for all the ages, but I'm not full of empty pages, no
'Cause I got a soul, and I use it for yearnin'
With a heart that skips a beat for you and a
Fire that keeps on burnin'
I'm a simple man, yeah that's ok
But even a simple man wants to feel this way

(Repeat chorus)

Oh, I'm a simple man, and that's ok
But even a simple man wants to be swept away, and feel

(Repeat chorus)

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