Paroles Compass Rose de Chris Pureka

Chris Pureka
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  • Artiste: Chris Pureka13961
  • Chanson: Compass Rose
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Textes et Paroles de Compass Rose

Well, I'm lost today, I'm almost wandering
back to the door that slammed in my face,
oh but here I am, here I am, here I stay...

But when will the street signs stop pointing west,
when will my thoughts stop drifting like smoke
over the ridge to the trail we used to walk?...

Oh does it sound familiar?
The whole thing fades to black
and then you're waiting, waiting for it to burn again...

Well, I'm lost today, I wont' deny it,
I'm going to lay down and wait for the compass rose
under my skin to start to glow

But look how the sun has painted the trees,
all these colors never known to them,
colors never know to their leaves...
I'd like to sing like that

Oh does it sound familiar?
The whole thing fades to black
and then you're waiting, waiting for it to burn again...

But I know that someday, someday,
I'll offer up the song I was made to play
until even the mocking birds
don't know what to say
and the mornings just make sense, sense, oh yeah...

And where the dawn went I don't know
just hang a white flag out the window,
until the sunlight shines through it,
well is it morning yet?

I'm lost today, here I am wandering,
it's late and I'm sure noticing
the crook of my arm is lonely...

But look how the snow has painted the town
so that all of the street light
is dancing, dancing around...
I'd like to love like that

Does it sound familiar?

But I know that someday, someday,
I'll offer up my Sunday afternoons
until the rocking chairs have gone
and worn right through the paint on the porch floor
and we're grey and grey and gone, gone, gone...

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