Paroles Hold It Together de Chris Pureka

Chris Pureka
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  • Artiste: Chris Pureka13961
  • Chanson: Hold It Together
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Textes et Paroles de Hold It Together

Looking in the wrong direction
so I'm getting myself lost
yes, desperation has its cost
and I thought I knew better, oh
the things I thought
the things I wanted to be
the things I'm not, the things I'm not
and I've come to terms with the lines on my brow
and how I put them there myself
and I've come to terms with the fact that we
don't get what we want, and that's why we want it from the start
that's why we want it, that's why

what a beautiful mess you've made
are you proud of yourself?
did you think that you could slip away and stay out of it?
so as long as you can stay, nobody's happy now
and there's nowhere else to go but down

it's too late to be normal
it's too late for compromise
throw another log on the fire and cover your eyes
I said cover your eyes
no it's not a crisis
no it's not life or death
it's just another day inside of your head
inside your head, inside mine

what a beautiful mess you've made...

the burden, the blame, the crisis
don't have the strength to stick around
hold it together now
driving down south to recenter myself
don't have the strength to stick around
hold it together now...
hold yourself together...
hold yourself now

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