Paroles Two-Fifty de Chris Walla

Chris Walla
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  • Artiste: Chris Walla13981
  • Chanson: Two-Fifty
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Textes et Paroles de Two-Fifty

All hail an emminent collapse
You can fumble for your maps
But we're exhausted by the facts

We still believe old Henry's dream
An assembly line, a team
The fire brand the steam
Who believes it more than we

Pull the switch and find the fireman
We need more than fun
We need a plan,
A solution,
We need efficiency.

We all are fractured factory lines
Once filled with bliss and drive
Now hope bees without a hive
How will we survive?

There is a room for me or you.
They just don't need us like they did when it was new
Well it's a lack of sheer commitment,
A lack of tightening the bound of moving on
Let's move forward out of
Let's move forward out of
Let's move forward out of
Let's move on...

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