Paroles Condemnation P.II de Christ Agony

Christ Agony
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  • Artiste: Christ Agony5513
  • Chanson: Condemnation P.II
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Textes et Paroles de Condemnation P.II

I see pain of existence
In your looks...
Like a curse
On your faces...
Marked with Christ
For ages
Follow empty path in blindness...

All the lies of this miserable world
Inside of you...
No stars, no truth
No freedom...

Truly blind
Feel no hope
For endless horizon
Of true freedom...

In hypocrisy your home and day
And in ashes is this night...

You sip the blood
Through closed lips
And forget
The destiny...
Who is cursed ?
You, them or I ?
Who is cursed ?

The lonely answer shall be found
Half the way
Half the time
Half the space...

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