Paroles Cult Domination de Christ Agony

Christ Agony
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  • Artiste: Christ Agony5513
  • Chanson: Cult Domination
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Textes et Paroles de Cult Domination

Thy hands seek no love
Thy lips feel no words
Thy eyes see no stars...
Thy womb sin and lies
Right there hidden is the condemnation...

Let us drink one too many goblets...
There are the memories
Smelling with first blood...

For these moments - drink!!!
For that time - drink!!!
For the chaos - drink!!!
His majesty lets us feel
The true colour of the night
This first night
This first fog
And virginity turned to blood...

Let us drown in desire
Let us drown in freedom
Somewhere among the roses
Blooming on your grave...

Let us drown in desire
Let us drown in freedom
One too many goblets to live...
One too many goblets to die...

Let us remain free
Possessed and innocent in the truth

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