Paroles Dies Irae de Christ Agony

Christ Agony
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  • Artiste: Christ Agony5513
  • Chanson: Dies Irae
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Textes et Paroles de Dies Irae

At your command
The dried darkness started
Gloating over the last
So marvelous banquet
Rummaged out by the laughter
Of desire

The ferryman stood up
And poured the blood on the table
A noise was made
God himself raised his tired eyes
And went worried away

Satan was looking avidly
Attracted woman with his eyes
And possessed one alive on the table
He laughed at gods
Laughed at their helplessness
He showed the beauty of his body
Changing into snake
He slipped between things
Gods couldn't spot that
Choked by immortality

It's a night of unification
And Satan laughed at their old age

He will give birth to
The god of one moment
Of one tear
Who having touched the blood
Will find death in it
He was full of contempt for another gods
But he suffered cause he knew
That his son, who would never
Experience nether suffering nor joy
Would die having touched the blood
And there's plenty of blood everywhere

If you were a creator, Sun
The Power would fall down before you
And children would fall down before you
And children would and the feast on they knees

In you were a creator, Sun
You wouldn't have let gods to come to Earth
And tears are gathering together
And laughing at our weakness
And our subjection that resembles
The dog's subjection

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