Paroles A Guy Who Takes His Time de Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera
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  • Artiste: Christina Aguilera2764
  • Chanson: A Guy Who Takes His Time
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Textes et Paroles de A Guy Who Takes His Time

A guy what takes his time
I go for anytime
I'm a fast moving gal
Who likes some slow old
Got no juice from fancy driving
Wanna see a guy arrival in low
I'd be satisfied to let you find
To know a guy who takes his time
I hurry up a fare
I always give the air
Wouldn't give any Russian a ten to smile
I would go for any single
Who would... a while
What a lullaby
A piece of pie
To have a guy what takes his time
A guy what takes his time
I go for anytime
... masters touch
I don't like a big commotion
I'm not deeming for some motion
A surge
Why should I deny?
I would die
To know a guy who takes his time

There isn't any fun
In getting something done
If you rush when you're up to make the break
I can... appreciate it
Connoisseur and trade
I'm qualified
No alibies
To meet a guy who takes his time

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