Paroles Colours de Church Of Rhythm

Church Of Rhythm
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  • Artiste: Church Of Rhythm13169
  • Chanson: Colours
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Textes et Paroles de Colours

Red and yellow black and white
All are one within the Light

Lines of colour drawn over time
do I stop to see what they do to my mind
I've got to reach deep inside take control
and look beyond these colour walls I've built in my

If you judge me by my outside then can someone
judge yours too?
Is the way you look a picture of what's inside of you?

(Repeat Chorus)

We inherit prejudice from the past
personal is the only way that will last
my own goal is to become colour blind
and break down any barriers I've learned in my life

(Repeat Chorus)

White sees black as criminally minded
black sees asian as racially blinded
asian sees Jew as money motivated
Jew sees white hoods, white robed hatred
around and around but it stops when I found
my own racist mind be free
take me one step closer to equality

(Repeat Chorus)

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