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Church Of Rhythm
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  • Chanson: Not Perfect
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Textes et Paroles de Not Perfect

I fooled everybody
I learned to say the right words and dress the right dress
and do the right things
But maybe one day they'll see through my facade
and I'll be me
I tried to be somebody
Someone who I could look up to I would respect
and I would care about
I thought if I was all these things
that maybe I could learn to love myself
cuz I'm not perfect, not put together
and sometimes I'm lonely, but it's only real life
Here I stand cast your stones if you mock me
I know that it's only, that you're scared of real life
I tried to succeed in a value system that puts everyone in their place
You gotta dress right, you gotta be cool, you gotta be popular
I found there's a God who has a place for everyone
and every person, every broken heart
no matter how imperfect, He loves you right where you are
and He loves me, cuz I'm not perfect, not put together...

and here I am right where I am and through it all
I'm just trying to be myself
And I let go of these feelings
And I finally know it's all right to be not perfect, not put together...

(Thanks to Nancy for these lyrics)

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