Paroles Fires That Consume de Cianide

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  • Artiste: Cianide37437
  • Chanson: Fires That Consume
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Fires That Consume

Shrouded In Eternal Emptiness
Blackened Hearts Gods of Unrest
Screams of the Might
Outweigh the Weak
Death of Morals Damnation Seed

Judgement Beckons the
Soulless Scourged
Slaves to the Decayed Withered Earth
Ageless Temples of the Fallen
Mortal Demise Creation Curse

Darkness Captures All I See
Relinquish Divine Prophecy
Ashes To Dust World of Scorn
The Vile and Wicked
Souls Shall Burn

Destroy the Body and the Soul
Forever the

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