Paroles The Dying Truth de Cianide

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  • Artiste: Cianide37437
  • Chanson: The Dying Truth
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Textes et Paroles de The Dying Truth

Truth in lying, dying in truth
Flesh for flesh, lying in death
Feel my pain, God's gift to you,
Words of the Savior, the bringer of pain

Thousands of souls, I have claimed,
Giving new life, to the ones I have saved
Gives you a hope, in which you will see
There is no life, only blasphemy

Gather my slaves,
worship the priest,
I preach the words,
words of this feast

Believe in the truth,
through people I claim,
prey on the weak
who need to be saved

Blood that is shed,
I give to the priest,
you are the people
who drink at this feast.

Jesus my Son, the Holy One,
Return to save the souls who gave
Mortals draw near, believing this lie,
time has come, fools must die

Church of God turns to blood,
raping the souls holy ones,
Gather my slaves, worship the priest,
I am the words beginning this east

Heaven is now your eternal hell,
Fooled by your god prophet of doom
Religion is lost by an ongoing lie
Truth is dying, Dying is truth

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