Paroles Words On Overtime de Citizen Fish

Citizen Fish
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  • Artiste: Citizen Fish22721
  • Chanson: Words On Overtime
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Textes et Paroles de Words On Overtime

Something good
Needs understating to be understood
Needs towing back from the cliché status
That empties meaning from the phrases
Used so often - once they held
The singularity of the bell
Used so often - once they held
The singularity of the bell

When words on overtime ring false cheer
Cos everyone's saying them, it numbs the ears

Picking up catchlines
The wrong word at the wrong time
Lost your future friends
The wrong word at the right time
Started up a trend
The right word at the right time
Is only in your head
Is only in your head

Something bad
Needs overstating in a sense gone mad
When pain fear and grief
Become too easy to believe
Then the feeling isn't coming through
When we daily consume oversimplified gloom
Reported by strangers
We fear anything we're not set to receive
And feel alienated

So when someone's pain
Gets in our faces
We need to hear
Different phrases
That we can believe
That we can believe
That we can believe

What kind of worlds have we created
Where basic feelings need re-creating
To avoid the perceptions of fiction and cliché
Being received?
How long before via screen mentality
Will we all forget how to tell the reality
Apart from the act? There's the duality
Careful how you feed

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