Paroles Stolen de Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight
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  • Chanson: Stolen
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Textes et Paroles de Stolen

I met love on the gravel road
While I was walking alone
She was so gentle and sweet
Kissed my hands
Kissed my feet

She poured me a glass of deep red wine
To numb my feet and ease my mind
I fell asleep in her arms
when I awoke she was gone

I didn't even notice that something was wrong
I didn't even notice that my heart had been

who is this thief in the night?
Steals my strength, robs my mind
she left me, a blind wanderer
with no words to speak or ponder

And I didn't notice anything was wrong
I didn't even notice that my heart had been

I will search the land and sea
To find this girl who stole from me
And when I do I'll tell her she
can keep that old heart of mine

Cause I didn't even notice anything was wrong
I didn't even notice that my heart had been

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