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Classics Of Love
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  • Chanson: Pick Your Classics
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Textes et Paroles de Pick Your Classics

Took a ride all the way to the bricks
On the sacred vehicle
Saw the clergy doing sleight of hand tricks
and it all seemed believable
God spoke and the funny thing is
He said the mantle you were wearing wasn't his
Now I'm smoking in the last vestibule
Oh no, I've been taking the counsel of fools

Pick your classics
Just keep your healing hands off of mine
Its getting pretty drastic
Down here in the man made end-times

Took a ride all the way to the old walls
With some pretty good historians
Tried to chant down Babylon there
But it got a bit gregorian

Took a look at the world we had made
Where the wizard lives just beyond the shade
God spoke and she said it wasn't her
Oh no- who's the impostor?

Pick your classics
Just keep your praying hands off of mine
The truth is pretty plastic
Down here in the miracle mine

Ahhhhh keep your hands off mine
Pick your classics keep your hands off mine

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