Paroles Claustruth de Claustrofobia

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  • Artiste: Claustrofobia50704
  • Chanson: Claustruth
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Textes et Paroles de Claustruth

Claustrophobic mind wishes the truth
Strong determination to see everything in another way
Focused thought on art only aim
What do we fear?
We cannot disregard it
What do we fear?
We are part of that shit

What really matters?
Being together in the victory?
Putting out your hand in defeat?
We change the misfortune into a magnificent noise
In this rotten world that raises the essence of destruction

If you are betrayed along the battle
Your power and self-steem will rise
We go straight ahead in a deep hatred
The path is tricky and leaves scars


You will never be healed if you aren't sick
The evil has never been so sweet
You will never be forgiven if you don't get the judgement
The chaos has never been so perfect

It is necessary to believe, always
Even it the dream seems impossible
The ground is the limit and we are invincible
The suffering feeds our corage


That's the reality, the deceit
People trying to reach nothing
You face it, you lose it
You runaway from it

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