Paroles Do You Want Fuck de Claustrofobia

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  • Artiste: Claustrofobia50704
  • Chanson: Do You Want Fuck
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Textes et Paroles de Do You Want Fuck

Walks away not accelerate not
Claustrophobia does not follow the standard
Here is the Quarrel in a large proportion
Brutality of fact, does not tremble not

If you do not respect me, I will not respect you
Wanna-two guys can not tolerate
Hypnotized, masked, just think of the power
If humility does not exist ... so fuck you!

I want to do is fuck!

There are some that make us angry guy
And they still complain that the country is all wrong
Bunch of ass, just to give you down
As always the message ... Daniel pays to stick

Playboy continues, Pays-stick and lame!

Badass my brother is the one that frightens the heart using
Respecting the limit, respecting everyone
Because the owner does not actually exist, I assume

Go and feel the power of the roll up
Rain making pro shit your side
Sucker, comedy, can not stand not here
From this I give the snot coming out of my lungs

Step by step without contradiction
Always honoring the attitude of the brothers
Nobody here is a badass that he did not think many people
Claustrophobia not mind

I want to do is fuck!

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