Paroles Witness de Claustrofobia

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  • Artiste: Claustrofobia50704
  • Chanson: Witness
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Textes et Paroles de Witness

All I've learned in life
Under the eyes of death
I try to discover the causes
That are behind this blame
There are no tears that will change the fate
Maybe sleeping forever and never is all I need

All I've learned in life
Might mean nothing to the others
What I see is what I live
I see heaven becoming hell
I'm a witness of the chaos
Just one more on the edge of insanity

The false feeling of being in control
Hits my will to yield
I can but I don't want to
I won't judge who gave up

I prize my future
Without forgeting my roots
They insist on testing my patience
I will be always ready

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