Paroles Inbreed Seed de Cliteater

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  • Artiste: Cliteater7137
  • Chanson: Inbreed Seed
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Textes et Paroles de Inbreed Seed

Lack of breeding kep you from developing yourself
Born out of your promiscuous sister
Whom went down on your father

Imprefect being
Born out of sins
Propitiate your family at all time
By keeping it in the family
Keeping it in the family

Inbreed seed
Breeding fucking mongols
Inbreed seed
Living your retarded life
Inbreed seed
Your family spreads like cancer
Inbreed seed
You don't take no far an answer

[Repeat chorus]

Spilling your seed
In your mothers cunt
Who's actually your sister
Lay down on her
Moaning and groaning
Family love never felt so right

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