Paroles I Don't Mind (The Rain) de Closure

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  • Artiste: Closure4954
  • Chanson: I Don't Mind (The Rain)
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Textes et Paroles de I Don't Mind (The Rain)

When I sit and stare through your empty eyes
I can see you cursing out the sky again
If you come apart I'll be standing strong
When you're falling off I'm hanging on the edge

And if I could say the only words
That could make you see what I have learned I would

I don't mind the rain sometimes
It can make you feel that you're alive again
I don't mind the rain sometimes
It can wash away
What you're holding in
'Cause I don't wanna be I don't wanna be lonely again

And the clouds may come and block out the light
And the waters crest and the wind won't die for you
But it's just a storm that'll pass you by
It will open up and the sun will shine through

When you're stuck between
Every silent scream
Remember what I said
When it's dark outside
Full of empty eyes
Remember what I said

I don't mind the rain sometimes
It can pour on me and that's all right
And I don't mind the pain sometimes
It reminds you that you're still alive, yeah
I don't mind the rain sometimes

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