Paroles Heartless de Clouds

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  • Artiste: Clouds14604
  • Chanson: Heartless
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Textes et Paroles de Heartless

I could spend the evening with my head in a book
I could laugh all night if I want to
Or take out a telescope and look at Sirius
Distant and blue just like your eyes, just like you

At night I lie awake just staring into the dark
A pattern of believing shapes itself
A whisper of cold drifts in and clouds my view
Winter doesn't speak and strangely, neither do you

At night I lie awake staring
At night I lie awake staring
At night I lie awake, awake, awake...

And sometimes I wonder if I've done the right thing
In getting involved with a silent partner

I could spend the rest of my life living like this:
Nobody to suit except myself
Or I could pour out my heart; serve it up in a cup to you
Would you feel safer if I was heartless too?

At night I lie awake staring
At night I lie awake staring
At night I lie awake, awake, awake...

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