Paroles Goodnight, Good Guy de Collective Soul

Collective Soul
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  • Artiste: Collective Soul5904
  • Chanson: Goodnight, Good Guy
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Textes et Paroles de Goodnight, Good Guy

Somebody told me about a worn out distraction
That I had let slip away
Then it comes back and rides my shoulders
And burdens me every new day
Well I'll just sit here like a slow burn out
And try to figure out how to do without you

Who's going to straighten me up when I'm leaning
Who's going to soothe my heart when it's burning
Who's going to be the one to tell me everything's
All right
Well goodnight, good guy

I'll break the bread of a new day and wonder
If faith will carry me along
But days are longer as my heart gets weaker and
I can only stay so strong
Well I'll just sit here like a wounded soul
Who's finding it difficult to just let go

I'm gonna let you sleep
I'll let you fade off in the night
I play the Lord to keep
I pray the Lord to hold you tight

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