Paroles Just Keep Your Mouth Shut And Watch de Colten with Wings

Colten with Wings
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  • Chanson: Just Keep Your Mouth Shut And Watch
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Textes et Paroles de Just Keep Your Mouth Shut And Watch

sadly, it broke.
anything i can do?
except be blamed for everything.
get yelled at for the same thing.
let me feel this anything.
before we become nothing.
tell me when i can stop running.
and all you said was,
"i don't love you,
i never did, and never thought i would.
and i thought you knew.
forgive me for not caring,
but trust me hun,
its best without all this swearing.
promises, lies, and glaring.
baby, i'm not one to be sharring.
look at my momument, how can i stop starring?"
i can't stick my teeth where they've already been.
i learn from my mistakes, and close the gates when...
i learned good boys keep the river clean.
and others stain it and drain it without care, with ease.
when heaven comes, noone will walk the angel home.
everyone will go, and everyone will go.

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