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Colten with Wings
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  • Chanson: Pierced
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Textes et Paroles de Pierced

i've had enough changing.
you're not worth the timing.
playing those organs on my lungs.
busting my ribs in half and engulfing my throat in flames.
i always knew we'd never make it.
just thought the ride was fun.
i never knew you'd keep it going.
ruining my last four years of living.
searched. please test the turbulance.
this is going so wrong. but your tears can do nothing.
rub your sticks and stones together, come on baby.
you're a never-ending hell, and i never want to go back.
i would be more comfortable with you out of my life.
i am so noterious for being futile. i've been pierced with her knife.
and that look on our faces, will always be right there.
comas are bullshit and you're too much of a bitch to notice.
the night looks so nice, our wounds attracting flies.
sit on your knees to see your future.
the next time you see me, we'll be silenced.
i cannot feel my legs! i gotta start moving! yeah!
everything looks nice from where i'm standing.
but i'm blinded, swinging at everything close.
i am temporarily a ghost, and permanently stunned.
i am not going anywhere.
when you rode in, on that pale white horse of yours.
i lost my focus.

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