Paroles Retail.bankrupt. de Colten with Wings

Colten with Wings
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  • Chanson: Retail.bankrupt.
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Textes et Paroles de Retail.bankrupt.

everything looks nice from where i'm standing.
but i'm blinded, swinging at everything close.
and all you wanted, was to stick your tongue down my throat.
so, now we'll never know, what could have been.
and we'll always know, what will never happen.
stare at our kids, for the last time.
take off your ring, for this one time.
i am permanently a ghost, and temporarily stunned.
why couldn't you be, something more than a machine?
you've got your fingers dug into my neck,
your scars don't have time to rest.
all you have of me, was my best.
its actually a huge coincidence.
when what we're both speaking makes no sense.
why can't you tell me what you're thinking?
this will lead to your secret destruction.
you will be there to decay from the inside out.
and i will be here, laughing my ass off.
i'm still blinded, swinging at you.
everything is falling apart, its got me on my knees.

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