Paroles 40 Thieves de Common Market

Common Market
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  • Artiste: Common Market32482
  • Chanson: 40 Thieves
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Textes et Paroles de 40 Thieves

…And the band played on
Score the sequence, a piece for my élan
Spread through the procession with a phaeton hitched up to
Thoroughly bred equine, bet he try and cover the spread
Vignette, butter and bread truck - must've been something I said
Cinnamon sugar on my raison d'être
We shake on credit and contract words
Negotiate the merger to further the fake arm gesture
Dribble the ribald off a baseline
Nine up in the seat cogitating; I preach, for God's sake
Flung a bitter syllable off a sweet tongue, gold dome terrorized
Revoke and nullify, my lodestone pulverized
Sull I rep and don't apologize to
People for indecency the frequency is equalized
Father missed - got this doctorate in absolution
Caught another body; shot and stabbed, headed back to Houston
Tack escape routes to board bulletins pullin' the stake out
Flash say it's four of them slaughtered inside the safe house
Kowtow, power reneged, trigger the Sig Sauer decibel
Let a few settle and fled the vestibule
Inestimable gems swapped for peridot
Pawn it off as hard-rock, shoppers go hysterical
Veritable trade smith, cake sift, coordinate the bracelet with a facelift
Slip away, they spit on your grave

From the makers of placebo, a trio pushed
To ameliorate the feverish, deceivinest looks
For thieves and crooks booked up in the state's prison system
It's marketed disregarding the rate of recidivism
I sent a petition: rescind the vendor
Minister free of influence, please - the pen needs instruments
Incriminated, incarcerated, incrementally rehabilitated on frets
Now that's a bass head
Something I can feel, not nothing I should fear
For the impropriety I bring to bear
Where the numbers at compared to then? Summer breeze, fair wind
Jasmine aint blowin' their minds, they're smokin' heroin
No we don't select the listenership or bend to it
The insurrection intimate and interests the syndicate
Offense of friends, incidental to my requisition
In the end, I respect your decision.

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