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Compos Mentis
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  • Chanson: Drained
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Textes et Paroles de Drained

Why, oh why, why are you so cruel?
Your vengeful soul is draining my lust
I want to fulfil but am constantly punished
So I ask why, oh why?

I watch the light as it fades into black
Turning day into night
I am filled with the deepest eternal sorrow
For the life that has decayed

You embrace us all, but why? You drain my lust
Is it a game that you play?
Is our existence merely a joke?
Why can't you face our reality?

You took my dreams and drained out the fantasy
You've got my reality

Reminiscence of a lost faith
And I see your soaking wet hands
- Wet from all the blood that you have taken -
As they reach for another innocent

You took my dreams and drained out the fantasy
You've got my reality

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