Paroles Any Day Now de Cop Shoot Cop

Cop Shoot Cop
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  • Artiste: Cop Shoot Cop18033
  • Chanson: Any Day Now
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Textes et Paroles de Any Day Now

One of these days Mr. Opportunity gonna be knocking on my doorOne of these days I'll read the writing on the wallOne of these days I'll be a spectator in an audience of whoresOne of these days I'm gonna run until I fallOne of these days I'll win the lottery and wake up a millionaireOne of these days I'm gonna get myself a jobOne of these days They're gonna stop the world and I won't even careOne of these days I'm gonna finally believe in GodOne of these days I'm gonna grow up to become the PresidentOne of these days I'll find the woman of my dreamsOne of these days I'm gonna find these truths to be self evidentOne of these days I'll blow my brains out on T.V.One of these days One of these days One of these days I'm gonna get in shape, become an astronautOne of these days My fears are gonna fall down the stairsOne of these days I'll sell my soul and let them find out what they boughtOne of these days I'm gonna shave off all my hairOne of these days I'm gonna learn to play and write myself a songOne of these days I'll take my conscience out to lunchOne of these days I'm gonna buy the plans and build the atom bombOne of these days I'll have the guts to play my hunchOne of these days One of these days Any day nowAny day now

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