Paroles Welcome To The Pit de Corrs (The)

Corrs (The)
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  • Chanson: Welcome To The Pit
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Textes et Paroles de Welcome To The Pit

Feel the sweat in the hand
See the back of a man
Go ahead to the front, to the bowl of blood
And then the lights are going down
And they're starting the sound
Come on we'll fire it up to the ecstasy

About 40 degrees, stifled, cough and breathe
Getting kicked to the front, to the left and back
And when you're hitting the ground
You've got no second to count
Until they're pulling you up to go on and on

I have not forgotten
That to self-destruct is the power that gives me this type of

On the ground of the pain
We've got no damned and no saint
We're all just the same dark silhouettes
Who're all singing the verse instead of call out a curse
And we're coupling high to our maximum

55 degrees...

Bell rings in my head - welcome to the pit

I have not forgotten
How to self-destruct for rockin'
I have not forgotten
That to self-destruct is the power that gives me this type of

Aiming not to collapse
Blocking up all the checks
Celebrate in the wave that we build at once
It is a thing to believe in: voluntary receiving
Come on we're rolling it on, watch the circle go

66 degrees...

Sweat is running down my face
It burns in my eyes again

Because I have not forgotten...

Blast it up!!!

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