Paroles Cornfed Dames de Cramps (The)

Cramps (The)
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  • Artiste: Cramps (The)18840
  • Chanson: Cornfed Dames
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Textes et Paroles de Cornfed Dames

Callin' all cows down on the farm! Hey! Shut the born in a barn?! I ain't no farmer...that's no fun. Run some tractor till the work's all done. Hey milk it bossie I'll buy ya a diamon ring. Now good girls can't play the rent these days. These cornfed dames done found a way. Unzip that zipper...snap that snap. Round up the cattle in the Cadillac. Whip that cream baby 'til the butter comes. Shake it baby shake it baby shake it baby shake it (4 times) Shake that thing I'll buy ya a diamond ring. Now there's more things in Tennessee. Than's a dreamed of in your philosophy. Gimme a barnful of cornfed dames. They wiggle a little I burst into flames. Whip that cream baby til the butter comes. Callin' all you cornfed dames. Lux means bucks...remember the name. Go put on some n'real loud. Let's get up and go get plowed. Shake that thing I might buy you a diamond ring. Go put on the purple one with the plumes at the hip. Put it on upside down baby. You know that really makes me flip. ...I ain't no farmer

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