Paroles Insomnia de Crá¼xshadows (The)

Crá¼xshadows (The)
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  • Artiste: Crá¼xshadows (The)18298
  • Chanson: Insomnia
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Textes et Paroles de Insomnia

Close your eyes, go to sleep...

You're lying awake.The room is different the walls dissolve replaced by sky.Horizon blackening, twilight beckoning, as the clouds are stretching wide.Stars still shining, little holes that light is clawing to get through.But hope is shifting with the shadows that are drifting on the ceiling as you move.

Just close your eyes, go to sleep...there's nothing to be afraid of...

Are you awake?Sour thoughts are dancing now, all around your head.Shoulders shake...chattering teeth.The cold wind rips the covers from
your bed.The apparition-The eyes are digging...Heart is pounding...Eyelids will not close...Your voice is failing, the screams derailing,
and she stands so near to you.

And nothings sweeter than the songs you're seeing, begging for the colder hand she hides.Floating, flowing.Her soul is hunting.Glimmer, shimmer.White lights breaking! ...and fluid cries.She's reaching, screeching, imploring, seething.And the haunting, hurting, knows.

A kiss-like smile that leaves you beguiled, fading darkness and the whisper of a ghost.

Shhh. There's nothing to be afraid of. Shhh.

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