Paroles Touch de Crá¼xshadows (The)

Crá¼xshadows (The)
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  • Artiste: Crá¼xshadows (The)18298
  • Chanson: Touch
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Textes et Paroles de Touch

Master, Master, Master
Who could it be?
A portrait of perfect femininity
Your teeth are sharp
And your nails are too
Master, Master, I won't mess with you

Oh master makes the velvet touch so smooth
Her skin begs my company with every move
I want her, I want her so much
Oh master, master, give me the touch

Master, Master, Master
Your skin so smooth
It pulls beneth my tongue with its sliding grooves
We want to make your heart beat quickly, love
Fall into the pattern of the rapturous one

Master, Master, let me take this now
If you're a little scared I'll show you how
We'll lie like the angels in this heavenly sigh, and
Dance with fire in a heathen's line

We stand behind this door, with its black face and black handle; protects the beating heart and leaves the blood to sour within the veins. Is the mirth she offers warmer than the one we abandoned when the door is opened to us? The answer, and the question, are always one in the same.

Mmm, higher
Mmm, higher, higher

Master, Master, Master
Desperate measures strike
I need to make you make me feel real life
Reach to taste so sweet the beast
Dance a dance of sexuality

Master, Master
Come and save me now
Take my consciousness and retract my doubt
I want you, I want you, I want you so much
Give me, give me, give me
Give me your touch
Your touch...

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